Lilian Ebner-Stoll - Director & Founder

Lilian took up the idea of the Maní+ product and is building an organization that is scalable and sustainable. She founded LISTO, which is dedicated to the fight against chronic malnutrition and measures its success in the number of better-nourished children.

Lilian's specialties are organizational strategy and finance. Before LISTO, Lilian worked for Pomona Impact, an impact investment fund, and co-developed an open innovation strategy for UNICEF Germany. She has worked with Deutsche Bank and on numerous consulting projects. Lilian's academic background includes a Masters of Science with honors from the European Business School.

Prof. Ted Fisher - Founder of Maní+, Mentor

In 2009, Ted invented Maní+ which helped thousands of children and he maintains an active role in the new venture, LISTO. He is on expert panels of malnutrition for the Gates Foundation and the World Health Organization.

Ted is also the Director of the Center for Latin American Studies at Vanderbilt University and Professor of Anthropology.

Ted has worked in Guatemala for over 20 years.

Ing. David Fernando Cabrera – Product Development consultant

David has more than 20 years of experience developing foods and beverages for large cooperations in Central America and has launched many successful products to the market. He advises us on the development of new products. On the academic side, David has a Masters in the Science and Technology of Foods, with a specialization in Innovation in the Development of Food Processes.

Miguel Cuj – Key Advisor on nutrition and community

Miguel developed the Maní+ formula. He holds a degree in Nutrition Science from the University San Carlos of Guatemala and was awarded a fellowship position in tobacco control at the Cardiovascular Surgery Unit of Guatemala. Miguel also worked on nutrition projects with Save the Children and the Conferencias de Iglesias Evangelicas de Guatemala. Currently, Miguel is a Ph.D. candidate at Vanderbilt University but continues to work with us and provide consultation on nutrition-related topics. Miguel speaks Maya Kaqchikel, Spanish, and English.

Fundación Listo

we are founding a foundation to increase our impact. Today, our future board of directors acts as a team of advisors.

Future Board of Directors

MD Ph.D. Peter Rohloff

Peter is a Pediatrician and serves as the Chief Medical Officer at the Wuqu' Kawoq Mayan Health Alliance. He is also an Assistant Professor in Medicine at Harvard Medical School and is affiliated with the Departments of General Internal Medicine and Global Health Equity at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Peter’s interests lie at the intersection of indigenous language advocacy and global health delivery in Guatemala conducting groundbreaking mixed-methods research. He speaks English, Spanish, Kaqchikel, and K’iche’.

Raxche’ Rodriguez

Raxche’ dedicates his life to promote Mayan rights and social equality. He was one of the main contributors to the bilingual education reform in Guatemala, which introduced Mayan languages into the school curriculum.

Since 30 years, he is also the Editorial Director of Maya' Wuj and develops learning software and books to learn Kaqchikel and K’iche’.

Ph.D. Andreas Blüthner

Andreas is a specialist for food fortification. He has advised numerous governments on how to implement meaningful fortification regulations to reduce malnutrition in their countries.

Andreas has worked around the globe, among others for the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) and UN-Habitat. Today he serves as the Director of Food-Fortification & Partnerships at BASF.

José Antonio Bagur

José is building Guatemala's first satellite. He is also a professor at the Universidad Del Valle in Guatemala and runs his own Social Business, MABlabs. José hands-on helps and advises us on all technical aspects of our business, so that LISTO can be a truly modern, innovative, and scalable social business.

Ted Fischer (see above)

Lilian Ebner-Stoll (see above)

Scientific Partners

Institute for Nutrition in Central America and Panama (INCAP), Guatemala City, Guatemala

As the region’s authority on all things nutritional, INCAP provides us with office space, facility usage, and an unparalleled source of expertise and advice.

Vanderbilt University, TN, u.S.

Vanderbilt University provides us with advisors, funding, and support in our fight against chronic malnutrition.