Our 2nd Innovation


Together with families in rural Guatemala, we build on years of experience and groundbreaking research


Chiquimaní is the working title for our next innovation, which is based on what we learned from the successes and limitations of Maní+. Though not yet on the market, focus groups have proven that the prototypes are delicious.

Like our first product, Chiquimaní is based on whole milk and peanuts to provide kids high-quality protein and maximize the absorption of vitamins and minerals. We updated the micronutrient formulation based on some of the latest studies of INCAP and USAID.

In order to not add to the double burden of chronic malnutrition, i.e., lacking essential micronutrients while consuming excess calories, we have reduced the sachet size.

The result is a highly “LISTO” (span. smart, ready) supplementary food that children love.

We're very happy to announce the start of production soon.

Scalability and Sustainibility

In Guatemala, over 1 million children under five suffer from chronic malnutrition. Due to the magnitude of the issue, our solutions need to be highly scalable. Our vision is that those baby foods, which prevent and treat chronic malnutrition, are accessible and affordable to everyone throughout the country.

Therefore, we plan to collaborate with numerous NGOs and hospitals to implement state of the art feeding programs and expand their reach. In the meantime, we are piloting our products in the free market and creating sustainable solutions geared towards eradicating chronic infant malnutrition in Guatemala.