About Us

Cooperación LISTO Maní+ (LISTO) is a social business dedicated to fighting chronic infant malnutrition in Guatemala. Through our collaboration with world-class nutritionists, business experts, and local community leaders, LISTO strives to eradicate chronic malnutrition and, in doing so, improve health, growth outcomes, and quality of life for the next generation of Guatemalans.

LISTO is working towards beginning the production and sale of its peanut-based, vitamin-infused nutritional supplement tentatively called “Chiquimaní” (span. little peanut). In addition to its unparalleled ability to treat chronic malnutrition, Chiqimaní is (1) highly affordable, (2) tasty, and (3) tailored to the dietary needs of its consumer base. We look forward to beginning production in the coming months.

Our Mission

Cooperación LISTO Maní+ seeks to provide a sustainable market-based solution to chronic malnutrition and, in doing so, improve growth outcomes, disease resistance, and lifetime achievement.

We are building a sustainable, scalable, and inclusive social business model that is effective in reducing childhood malnutrition. Beginning in Guatemala and moving outwards, LISTO strives to develop, produce, and sell a nutrient-rich, localized food supplements geared toward combating chronic malnutrition in Guatemalan children from six months and up, ensuring their growth outcomes for the rest of their lives. We aim to create value at every step of the process by sourcing all of our ingredients in Central America, producing locally, and paying attractive margins to community shop owners. Cognizant that chronic malnutrition is more prevalent in lower-income, indigenous communities, LISTO seeks to mobilize the power of adequate nutrition to reduce inequality.

LISTO works to empower the next generation of Guatemalans of all backgrounds to lead successful, healthy, and happy lives.

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It all began with Maní+, our first innovation and Latin America’s first Ready to Use Supplementary Food (RUSF).

The rest is history…

The Beginning: An iDea

In 2009, Professor Ted Fischer of Vanderbilt University saw a need. In Guatemala, 1 in every 2 children suffers from chronic malnutrition, and the number is even higher among indigenous populations. This lack of sufficient nutrition was causing, and continues to cause, a range of negative health conditions, reduced growth, and lower lifetime earnings.

In response to this ongoing crisis, Professor Fischer formed a team of nutritionists, market experts, and researchers to invent Maní+, a 40-gram peanut-based nutritional supplement specially tailored to local dietary deficiencies.

Maní+: A success

Together, Professor Fischer and his team worked with NGOs to provide daily Maní+ supplements to children across Guatemala. Maní+ also facilitated educational programs in Spanish and Mayan languages, teaching caretakers about essential nutrition and hygiene practices so that they could improve their health and the health of their families.

Today: A Resurgence

Over the course of the last year, Lilli Ebner-Stoll and Ted Fischer revitalized and reimagined the Maní+ project as Cooperación LISTO Maní+, a social startup that translates experience gained from the Maní+ project and recent research data into highly affordable and accessible nutritional supplements for young children. Through a partnership with the Institute for Nutrition of Central America and Panama (INCAP) and the guidance of families and NGOs who used Maní+, LISTO has developed a new, improved peanut-based supplement, tentatively called Chiquimaní. With a sleeker design, higher concentration of nutrients, and lower price, Chiquimaní stands “listo” (span: ready, smart) to thrive in an open market, making it a scalable, sustainable solution to chronic malnutrition in Guatemala.

Tomorrow: A Healthier Guatemala

In the coming months, Cooperación LISTO will continue its ongoing market analysis and prepare to begin production later this year. With Chiquimaní leading the way, we are confident that the healthier, stronger Guatemala we dream of will become a reality.